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18 September 2018 @ 10:58 pm

Hi, tigerxbutterfly a.k.a Aisu here. Welcome to my journal. You will mostly find my work of fictions because I write very little about my personal life. Since these stories are my life and very important to me, therefore, I highly not tolerate any plagiarism because, believe me, I will hunt you down if I ever see my stories being plagiarized. If you are inspired by my stories and want to write it of your own, please do inform me and we can discuss further. All of this is a work of fiction. I own nothing but the stories. But well, maybe OFC/OC's name. I do not make profit of this. This is all BOYS LOVE, so if you don't like, go away. I don't want to traumatize you.

Note: The order is from old to new and series to oneshot. Old fics are friends locked and on-going fics are still open to public.

流星群Collapse )

If you have any comments, critics or feedbacks, feel free to comment here. And I'm a friendly person, believe me although I'm anti-social, so it would be nice if we can be friends, ne? Thanks.


Where am I?: Camui's embrace
How's my mood?: awakeawake
What am I listening?: Ryuuseigun - A9